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How Dacoid Digital as a Marketing Agency Completely Automated their Lead Generation Process

Updated: Mar 26

We were spending 15+hours every week doing low leverage tasks in our agency daily. This led to losing focus on our getting more sales.

There were 3 sections were we needed automation in our business:

  1. Onboarding a client: Sending Contract, sending invoice, adding to slack, adding to Email marketing tool (, setting up domain, etc. We completely automated everything mentioned above

2. Service delivery: This included the steps after the onboarding the client. These were automatic lead fetching, Sending important notifications to client when a meeting is booked or a positive reply comes, autoforwarding the email, automatically finding out the call as qualified or not. This also included completely automating client reporting. We were sending weekly and monthly reports of our campaigns to the clients on auto pilot. This helped us to add more value to our service and eventually we were able to charge more.

3. Payment and Invoices:

The automation of payment and billing processes, such as sending invoices based on the number of qualified calls booked and managing monthly expense reports, is another critical component. This not only reduced our administrative overhead but also ensured accuracy and timeliness in your financial interactions with clients.

Below are few basic use cases that can be automated within minutes using our automating systems.

Example Use Cases –

  1. Smartlead Email Campaign Data → Google Sheet The data will be sent weekly

2. Smartlead Campaign Data → Email

3. Calendly → Slack ⇒ Meeting booked on Calendly will be directly notified on Slack.

  1. Meeting data = invitee info, questions, nth of meeting booked.

4. Smartlead → Pipedrive ⇒ Leads with a positive reply

  1. Data points = Lead Name, Email

5. Sub Sequence

6. Calendly → Slack - Google Form → Slack

The google form will be sent to slack as soon as the meeting is ended.


Embracing automation transformed our agency, saving over 15 hours weekly and boosting our revenue by streamlining client onboarding, service delivery, and billing processes. This shift not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced our service offerings, proving the immense value of integrating automation into our operations.

For agencies looking to optimize their operations and focus on growth, adopting automation can be a game-changer. Our journey and success with automation serve as a testament to its potential. Dacoid Digital is poised to assist, offering insights and support to agencies ready to embrace this transformative step. Interested in learning how automation can benefit your agency? Reach out for a free audit call, and let's explore the possibilities together. Automation is more than an operational upgrade; it's a strategic advantage for future success.

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