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Notion for Design Agency

Updated: Jun 19

Spinnacle Design Agency's Successful Collaboration with Dacoid Digital

In the realm of design, managing multiple projects and clients can become overwhelming without the right tools. Spinnacle Design Agency faced this challenge when upgrading their project management system. They enlisted Dacoid Digital, experts in Notion, to create a tailored dashboard to suit the unique needs of a design agency.

The Challenge

Spinnacle Design Agency needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate their project management processes. They required a dashboard that could handle client information, project types, subscription details, project status, and timelines. Additionally, they wanted each client entry to open a dedicated page containing a secondary dashboard for detailed task lists, time tracking, and content libraries.

The Solution: A Tailored Notion Dashboard

Dacoid Digital stepped up to the challenge, guided by the wireframes provided by Spinnacle. The final Notion dashboard featured six primary columns:

  1. Client Name: Lists the names of clients.

  2. Project Type: Defines the type of project (e.g., UI design, graphic design, brand identity).

  3. Subscription Type: Categorizes the subscription (e.g., Pro, Basic).

  4. Project Status: Tracks the current status of the project.

  5. Start Date: Marks the project start date.

  6. End Date: Marks the project end date.

Each client name entry links to a dedicated page containing another customized dashboard. This secondary dashboard includes:

  • Task Lists: Detailed lists of tasks required for the project.

  • Time Spent: Logs tracking the time spent on various tasks.

  • Content Library: A repository for project-related content and resources.

The Challenging part was to build the Client Dashboard which compised of various templates.

The Client Portal

Here is a visual representation from the wireframes provided by Spinnacle:

Primary Dashboard Wireframe:

Client Page Wireframe:

Dacoid Digital's Solution:

  • Dedicated Client Pages:  Selecting a client name opened a dedicated page with detailed information. This included:

Smooth Client Onboarding: The new system also facilitated smooth client onboarding. As soon as a new client was added to the primary dashboard, a dedicated page was automatically created, allowing the team to quickly populate it with relevant project details and resources. This ensured that all client-specific information was organized from the outset, making the onboarding process efficient and seamless.

  • Secondary Dashboard Integration: The secondary dashboard featured task lists, time logs, and content libraries, ensuring that all necessary information was available in one place.

  • Task Management: A comprehensive task list with deadlines and assignees ensured project clarity.

  • Time Tracking: Integrated time tracking allowed accurate project costing and resource allocation.

  • Content Library: A centralized repository for storing client assets, mood boards, and project files facilitated easy access and collaboration.

Benefits Achieved:

The custom Notion dashboard by Dacoid Digital transformed Spinnacle's workflow:

  • Enhanced Project Management: Real-time information on project progress, deadlines, and tasks improved efficiency and team collaboration.

  • Improved Client Communication: Clients gained real-time visibility into project development, fostering trust and stronger relationships.

  • Increased Productivity: Streamlined communication, centralized data, and time tracking saved significant time and resources.

  • Reduced Stress: A well-organized system minimized worries about project oversight, allowing New Frontier Design to focus on creativity.

The Outcome

The result was a robust Notion dashboard that transformed how NewFrontier managed their projects.

The new system provided a clear and organized way to track projects, manage tasks, and store content, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing the complexity of project management.

Client Testimonial:"The expertise of Dacoid Digital in implementing our vision into Notion was outstanding. Their service and work ethics were impeccable, allowing us to focus on our creative work without worrying about the technical aspects of our dashboard development." - NewFrontier Design Agency


The collaboration between NewFrontier Design Agency and Dacoid Digital showcases the power of custom-tailored digital tools in transforming business operations. By leveraging Notion's flexibility and Dacoid Digital’s expertise, NewFrontier now enjoys a streamlined project management process, allowing them to focus more on creativity and client satisfaction.

If your agency is looking for a similar transformation, consider exploring how a customized Notion dashboard can meet your unique needs and enhance your project management efficiency.

Some More Screenshots!

Interested in taking your business to the next level of efficiency and productivity? Let Dacoid Digital guide you in optimizing your workflows and implementing effective systems that drive success. Book a call with us today and embark on a journey towards streamlined operations and improved business outcomes. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your business with Notion and beyond.

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