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Case Study: Streamlining Event Sign-Ups with Google Forms and Notion

Challenge:  The "Oakfield High School" administration team was drowning in manual processes for Student Feedback. They used paper forms and spreadsheets, leading to data entry errors, lost information, and difficulty tracking feedbacks.

Solution: The team discovered a powerful combo: Google Forms for easy data collection and Notion for organized record-keeping. Here's how they did it:

  1. Effortless Sign-Ups: They created a user-friendly Google Form with fields for name, Course content, and any additional questions relevant to the event. This replaced the cumbersome paper forms, allowing attendees to register quickly from any device.

2. Automated Organization: They installed the free "Form to Notion" add-on. This magical tool magically linked the Google Form to a custom-built Notion table. The table mimicked the form's questions, ensuring all data was captured seamlessly.

3. Goodbye Spreadsheets: No more manual data entry! Every time someone submitted the form, their information automatically populated the Notion table. This eliminated the risk of errors and saved the team countless hours.


  1. Data at their Fingertips: The Notion table became a central hub for all feedback. They could easily filter, sort, and search for critiques based on instructors, assignments, or any other criteria. This made maintaining.

  2. Bonus: Easy Access: The team even embedded the Google Form directly into their Notion event page for ultimate convenience. Attendees could register within seconds without leaving the page.


"Form to Notion" was a game-changer for the Acme Widgets marketing team. Sign-ups became effortless, data organization became automated, and managing events became significantly smoother. They finally said goodbye to spreadsheet headaches and embraced "pure data collection joy!"

Key Takeaways:

  • This case study demonstrates the power of combining free tools like Google Forms and Notion to streamline data collection and organization.

  • This approach is perfect for various business needs, from event management to customer feedback collection.

  • The ease of use and automation capabilities make it ideal for teams of all technical skill levels.

By following Oakfield High School's lead, you too can experience the joy of streamlined data collection and eliminate the pain of manual processes. So ditch the spreadsheets and embrace the future of effortless information management!

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