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How Bounce Debt Relief(Financial Services) Boosted MRR to $60k by Streamlining Operations

Updated: Mar 26

Bounce Debt Relief faced significant challenges when they sought assistance from our team.

They heavily relied on manual tasks while acquiring leads for debt relief, had limited marketing strategies, and struggled with a poorly optimised lead infrastructure.


Recognising their potential, we collaborated closely with Bounce Debt Relief to implement a tailored growth plan that would address these challenges and unlock their true potential.

But before we start here is a short testimonial from the Founder himself!

Problem: Lack of a sales funnel

When we start working with Bounce Debt Relief (BDR) they only had a single source of lead which was Facebook Ads and a basic landing page.

Initially BDR agents were manually collecting more information like SSN, DOB on call and then pulling the credit report from XACTUS(Credit Report pulling tool).

Further more they were then saving a file in CAPS(Credit Approval Processing System) and sending it via email to the lead. This whole process was taking 4-5 hours of every day of the agency work.

What we did?

We integrated a Landing page Funnel, it asks for user details which are then send to pull credit report from XACTUS(credit pulling software).

Using this, it automatically created a file on CAPs(Credit record Application) which is then sent to the CRM for agents to view.

The whole process was now reduced to 5 minutes.

Following is the scenario for the above process:

Outcome -

Without the systems in place, agents were taking 10-12 calls per day. After the systems in place they were now able to take 20-25 calls per day. In just 2 months, we saw the revenue increase by 2x!

Having better systems in place also helped them concentrate more on important tasks and making more sales.

Problem: Limited Lead Sources

The company was heavily reliant on Facebook ads for their leads. Relying only on Facebook ads for lead generation can be a risky strategy for a company due to several reasons, such as changes in Facebook's algorithm, increasing ad costs, and potential shifts in user behavior.

What we did?

We deployed an AI-powered chatbot as a fresh avenue for generating leads. Unlike traditional methods, this chatbot leveraged intelligent conversation flows to organically attract and qualify leads, bypassing the need for conventional advertising like Facebook ads.

This strategy was particularly effective in identifying leads with significant debt levels, which directly aligned with our target criteria.

Following is the AI chatbot flow:


A new source of leads was created which was organic and Bounce debt relief was no longer dependent on just Facebook Ads. The introduction of this chatbot resulted in a substantial 20% increase in qualified leads within the first month, and a 50% increase in leads the following month.


  1. Rapid Revenue Growth: The implementation of automation resulted in a remarkable 200% increase in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), catapulting from $20,000 to $60,000 within six months.

  2. Expanding Customer Base: Automated lead generation efforts led to a 150% increase in clients, allowing Bounce Debt Relief to expand their customer base and establish a more robust market presence.

  3. Enhanced Conversion Rates: Improved lead nurturing and automated sales processes contributed to a 100% increase in the conversion rate of leads into paying customers.

  4. Consistent Lead Pipeline: Effective marketing strategies and automated website flow produced a steady stream of qualified leads, reducing reliance on referrals and ensuring a consistent lead pipeline.

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